A Happy Birthday to Ron Paul

I’d like to take a few minutes to wish Dr. Ron Paul a happy birthday today.  I think Americans are privileged to have seen the greatest statesman in our country’s history since the Founders make two very important, albeit politically unsuccessful, runs for the presidency.  What makes Ron Paul so unique in today’s political scene is that he was never interested in holding office for its own sake – he simply wanted to educate people about liberty.  Dr. Paul wanted to give the people their freedom.  This is a man who never wanted to rule over anyone and that is an exceedingly rare quality – unique in political history.  All Americans, regardless of whether or not one might agree with him on specific policies, should admire him for his devotion to principle over party or power and should also appreciate the way in which he served us all by reminding Americans that this country was conceived in liberty.  It wasn’t perfect, but the essence of what it means to be an American has always revolved around the idea of personal freedom.

I owe this man a tremendous debt – I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Paul for removing the neoconservative scales from my eyes.  Like so many others, Ron Paul has helped change my heart and mind for the better.  This, I believe, is his greatest achievement as a statesman – waking millions around the world to the beauty of the principle of liberty.

My conversion from neoconservative to libertarian has been a gradual one and I still have so much to learn, but it was the issue of foreign policy that got me started on this intellectual (and I would also say spiritual) journey.  Perhaps one of the most important moments for me came in the 2008 GOP Primary debate in South Carolina.  As it would turn out, this would also be a turning point for thousands of others and also for Dr. Paul himself as a public intellectual and political figure.  I am speaking, of course, about the infamous exchange between Ron Paul and Rudy Giuliani that night in South Carolina.  What Dr. Paul did there took an incredible amount of courage.  For all he knew, the entire Republican Party and a significant portion of the country was against him.  He was, in his mind, Alone.  Yet even in the face of the boos and the inane demagoguery, not only did he not back down from the truth – he doubled down on it!  I can’t count the number of times I watched that exchange over and over again.  At that point, something in my mind just clicked – I knew the good doctor from Texas was Right and I would never be the same again.

So thank, you, Dr. Paul!  I truly believe that the Lord has used you to heal and free my mind from the darkness of the satanic neoconservative ideology.  God bless you, happy birthday, and Many Years!

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