Forget About Politics: A Review of Jesse Ventura’s “63 Documents”

I hate to put a book down that I haven’t read all the way through or one that I’ve skimmed through parts of.  I love to read and I love to learn.  There have been only a handful of books that I haven’t read all the way through.

Jesse Ventura’s 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read is one of them.

And it’s not because it’s a bad book.

In fact, it’s incredibly well done.  Perhaps a bit too well done, in fact.

The former Minnesota governor and his co-author, Dick Russell, have put together a book that is informative, thoughtful, and well researched, with insightful and sharp commentary on each document.

And don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mean to say that I skimmed through the book.  Quite the contrary.  I read very carefully for about 85% of the book.  Reading through government documents doesn’t make for fun reading, but I was fascinated from the first document down through the last.  But as I continued to read, I found it harder and harder to pick up the book again to read through more documents.  The book is a heavy and sobering read.

I simply got to a point where I couldn’t stomach any more.  As I read what the American government has done over the last several decades, I literally felt sick and my heart felt like a lead weight in my chest.  I didn’t want to hear anymore.  I had enough.  I got through the vast majority of this invaluable work and then I just couldn’t bring myself to go through anymore – I had to skim through the last few documents.  It actually got to the point where my blood started to boil and I could hardly think.  All I could feel was utter hatred and disgust for the monsters who believe they can rule over us.  Indeed, they believe they have the right to rule the world.

Jesse Ventura has repeatedly said in televised interviews that one could easily substitute the word “Nazi” for “American” government and everything would fit perfectly.  When I heard the governor make that statement, I assumed he was being hyperbolic – a showman.  I thought he was trying to stir up interest or controversy over his newest book, but he was absolutely right.  It really shouldn’t be that surprising to anyone who actually reads the book, especially since the Federal regime knowingly harbored Nazi war criminals after WW2.

Reading 63 Documents makes you realize exactly what kind of people we’re dealing with when we talk about the people in the upper echelons of power.  The list of issues facing Americans, especially the younger generation, is utterly staggering and people go back and forth with one another about how to tackle the issues of the day.  But when you go through document after document detailing the lies, murder, theft – a nearly endless array of crimes perpetrated on the part of the Federal government, you will quickly see that there is no getting out of this mess through politics.

The system is Broken.  As George Carlin said, we’re “circling the drain.” The power elite own everything in the political system and if you think they’re going to simply let go of the reigns and stop ripping you off through taxation and the central banking system, while also stripping you of your basic, natural, human rights, you’re sadly mistaken.  Pitifully so.  These people see most of us as nothing but serfs.  They’re sociopaths, as Ron Paul rightfully pointed out in his Congressional Farewell Speech.  These people in government and in the megabanks that help pull the strings will hang on to their power with everything they have.  They’re too invested in the system to simply let it dissolve.

But, happily, it will dissolve one day.  As the Austrian (free market) School of economics teaches us, centralized control cannot last forever.  By its own nature, it eventually collapses in on itself.  The powers that be can only print so much funny-money, run up so much debt, and suppress the spirit of free enterprise and human freedom for so long.

Tyranny – central control – is not sustainable.  Freedom is the natural order of things.

So what are we supposed to do?  I know this probably wasn’t the governor’s intention, but his book made me very pessimistic about using the political system to bring about reform.  I think a perfect example to illustrate this point is the current state of what’s been called the “liberty movement.”  After the presidential campaign in 2012, the Republican Party realized that it could no longer continue to merely fool conservatives and hope to win.  So they looked to the Ron Paul campaign and decided to infiltrate and co-opt the libertarian crowd.  In addition to making open statements asking for libertarian support, the GOP has brought Ron Paul’s own son, Rand, deeper and deeper into the black hole that is neoconservatism in exchange for promises of “respectability” and influence in the Party.  So the lesson is that the establishment always co-opts political movements as soon as they get organized and gain a little steam.  Before this, the Tea Party was also co-opted by the GOP wing of the establishment.  The power elite are masters at “nipping problems in the bud,” so to speak.

I tend to think the best course of action is to prepare for the upcoming collapse that the government is bringing on itself.  Whether they know a collapse is coming or not is open for debate, but it’s clear that they have measures in place to control the American people if/when the collapse does, in fact, occur (as Ventura proves in his book).  Cautious buggers, these government leaches.  In the end, liberty will prevail because of the spread of ideas.  Liberty-minded Americans need to study economics, history, and political theory so that we can properly understand why the collapse occurred, how to fix it, and how to avoid another one in the future.  I know a lot of that material might be a bit boring for some, but we can’t afford to shrug it off anymore.  If you understood only a fraction of how evil the government is, I don’t think you’d argue with me on the necessity of educating ourselves and our neighbors.  So the more Rothbard, Mises, Hayek, Woods, Locke, Jefferson, Ventura, and Bastiat we read, the better.  One might want to throw in a good amount of Hunter S. Thompson as well, just for good measure.

In the end, education is the key.  Until then, do everything you can to get ready for a collapse of some kind (whether it’s fiscal, monetary, or worse, it’s best to be prepared).

In closing, I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to Jesse Ventura and Dick Russell for their wonderfully important work.  If you haven’t been paying attention to the state of affairs in this country lately, I’ve no doubt these 63 Documents, chilling as they are, will open your eyes up to just how far gone we are and just how evil the people who rule us truly are.  Politics won’t save us.  We’re well past that now.  What we need is patience, education that produces a revolution of ideas, and the courage to stand up to tyranny now and in the future.

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